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Kam-lock Fish Saw


Price: $155.00

hese Kam-Lok handsaws have the hardest spring tempered steel used and the teeth are precision ground for maximum sharpness.

You will marvel at the perfect balance of the frame, hand forged of rugged stainless steel. The thin slot of the frame keeps the blade rigid and stable, ensuring straight cuts.
Pistol grip handle- made of non-porous virtually indestructable plastic that repels meat acids, stains and bacteria.
Cleans quickly and easily for a more sanitary operation.
Kam-Lok lever- with a flip of the wrist you unlock the "flip-lock" lever, switch blades, and relock the lever that always maintains just the right amount of blade tension automatically.

No more broken knife blades this saw will do the tough jobs, it's one of the best on the world market.

Comes in: 20" and 17.5"
Blades also available separately. (Tempered steel)



** Please call 07 5478 1033 for commercial quantities and pricing**