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Greetings from Fishing International Supplies & Hardware

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


We are located at 10 Parkyn Parade in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. We are about 1 hour north of Brisbane. With a population of about 2.2 Million, Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia. Mooloolaba is the first major port north of Brisbane. It is an all-weather port formed at the mouth of Mooloolah River. Our shop is located in the heart of the main commercial wharf on the Mooloolah River, just inside the breakwater. Professional fishermen step off their boats directly onto our front doorstep.

Our shop is at 10 Parkyn Parade on Brown's Wharf Compound just meters from the water. The port is home to 90% of the longline fishing fleet in Australia. Mooloolaba lands and exports the vast majority of Australia's tuna and sword fish. It is also home to many crab boats, prawn trawlers and line fishermen. To find us just take Parkyn Parade down "the Spit" past Underwater World/Sea Life. We are right past the yacht club on the right in the Rockliff Seafoods Building on Brown's Wharf.

Fishing International Supplies & Hardware is easily the largest supplier of commercial fishing supplies to the professional fishing industry in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We also ship overseas to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

Mooloolaba has a quaint small-town feel with a population of about 25,000. The weather is subtropical. We almost never get hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones. The seasons are upside down compared to Northern Hemisphere. When the USA or Europe has summer, we have winter and vice versa. Typical day-time highs in winter is about 65-75F (about 19-24C) and lows are 45-65 F (11-19 C). In summer, we may get a few days in the 90's (mid 30's C) but not often. Evenings in summers range from 65-75F (19-24C).

The Glass House Mountains are 10-15 km inland. They were named by Captain Cook (famous British sea captain). Did you know that the infamous Captain Bligh (famous for Mutiny on the Bounty) was Cook's lieutenant? Bligh finished up his career as one of the early governors of Australia.

We think anyone would like it here. It is very quiet, laid-back, and clean. If you like beaches, you will love our beaches. The Sunshine Coast has some of the nicest, prettiest, and cleanest beaches in the entire world. The Sunshine Coast is dense with beautiful sub-tropical rainforest and all the wildlife that rainforests sustain. Of course, Australia is famous for its unusual animals. In our front yard we often watch wild kangaroos grazing (like watching small, funny-looking deer) and we also have water dragons (huge lizards) and many types of colourful parrots and other birds. It is a paradise--especially the trees and flowers. Here are some photos of the local area most taken within a few minutes of our shop: sunshinecoastimages.

The Sunshine Coast is also the home of Steve Irwin the internationally famous Crocodile Hunter who tragically died in a freak accident with a sting ray over 15 years ago. See the Croc Hunter website:

Please drop in for a visit at any time. We would love to see you.