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All types of electrical tape, packaging tape, duct tape, reflective tapes, Denzo tape, lagging tape, masking tape, thread tape, painter’s tape, GRP repair kits, and more. Every type and size of best-quality cable ties. Heavy duty fishing bags for Tuna, Sword and Albacore.

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Cable Ties

Highest quality, UV-resistant, heavy duty cable ties in many sizes. Best price in Australia

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Denso Tape

Denzo Tape, Denso Tape. All types of tapes.


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Duct Tape


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Electrical Tape -10 Pack

Available in Black, Red, Green and White


Fishing Bags

Sword, Tuna and Albacore Bags

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Call for Price: (07) 5478 1033

Masking Tape

Available in 24mm and 48mm


Non Slip Tape

Available in Yellow and Black/Yellow in 18.2M Roll


PSP Duck Tape

Self Adhesive Waterproof Cloth Tape


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Reflective Tape

Available in rolls: 50mm wide x 23m long. Colours: Red, Silver, Yellow


Supa Tape

Silicon Wrap

Click for size options

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